An expungement is a legal process that seals past criminal convictions in order to make the records unavailable through state or federal institutions. Even if you were arrested but never convicted of a crime, that information remains on your record unless a motion for expungement is granted. When successful, expunged convictions or arrests can greatly improve the lives of individuals who have worked hard to obey the law and turn their lives around. Our firm believes expungement is an excellent way to provide clients with a future free from restrictions and judgment for mistakes they made in the past. This is especially beneficial for people looking to gain employment without the increased difficulty and social stigma of a criminal conviction.


How do expungements work?


In Pennsylvania, there are many factors that can determine the eligibility for getting a prior criminal conviction expunged. In all cases, there can be a great deal of paperwork, legal intricacies and technical procedures that must be fulfilled. Having an experienced attorney can save you the headaches this process often creates and can help expedite and smoothly resolve the issue, allowing you to move on with your life. We are prepared to handle expungement procedures forjuvenile crimes, DUIs and other criminal convictions. There are often numerous requirements that must be met in order for an expungement to be obtained, and our attorneys can evaluate your case and present situation in order to let you know exactly where you stand in the eyes of the law.


Am I eligible for an expungement?


If you are seeking an expungement of an offense that you were convicted of, there are two requirements: 1) the offense must be a summary offense, and 2) you cannot have been arrested or prosecuted for five years following the conviction. If you are seeking to have an offense expunged that was withdrawn or nol prossed, you will need to speak with an attorney to determine if that offense can be expunged.